Thank you for your interest in AliMae Photography! 

All AliMae Photography sessions include 40 full resolution digital images of your choice from your online gallery with copyright release. 

Prints can be ordered directly from your online gallery, but if you choose to order your prints yourself, I ask that you use a reputable printing company such as or a local printing lab.  Sure, you’ll get a pretty cheap deal at some of those labs in your local grocery store or pharmacy but you get what you pay for and I can almost guarantee that you will be disappointed.

Deposits are non-refundable, however, they can be applied to another session when given 72 hour cancellation notice.  Exceptions are at my discretion.  

Session pricing is as follows:

Maternity, Children, Families and Couples - $200

One hour session during sunrise or sunset at an outdoor location for up to 6 family members ($20 for each additional person).  ***$50 deposit due at time of booking.  

Newborns - $250

In home session and will include a mixture of posed shots as well as lifestyle family shots.  ***$50 deposit due  at time of booking.

(See Newborn Session Information)

Seniors - $200

Senior sessions include 3 outfit changes and 2 locations.  If additional locations and outfit changes are desired, please contact [email protected] for pricing.  ***$50 deposit due  at time of booking.


Wedding packages begin at $1,200 and are dependent on size of wedding and my time on location.  Because of the intricate details and magical moments captured in a wedding I do not limit the digital images released.  I edit the photos as in any other session and present an online gallery of your photos where you can order prints, but you receive all the edited images and copyright release.  ***A deposit of $300 is required at time of booking.  Deposits are non-refundable if cancellation is within 72 hours of event. 



session information

Three weeks prior to your session I will contact you via phone or email to discuss expectations, locations, props and clothing for your session.  I encourage clients to think outside the box and incorporate their family traditions using heirlooms, vintage furniture, favorite toys, books…anything that’s special to your family.  The more you personalize your session, the more you will cherish your photos for a lifetime.



what to wear

So let’s talk clothing. 

The most agonizing part of photos for me is what to wear so if you’re struggling, trust me, I’ve been there!  You are spending a small fortune on these photos and you want them to be absolutely perfect. 


  • Moms, my best advice is to find an outfit for yourself first because if you are anything like me, you are self conscious of how you look in photos…and let’s be honest, if you love how you look in your photos you will feel so much better about plastering those babies on the walls throughout your home.  This could also apply to a strong-willed 2 year old named Myla child and so on…just find the hardest person to dress in your family and get their outfit nailed down.  If your strong willed child wants to wear a tutu and converse tennis shoes or superman undies and a cape, just go with it and have a backup outfit ready after we get a few in their outfit of choice.  Let’s face it, candy and ice cream can be quite the motivation tool for changing into that family picture outfit and I am not above using it although you may find you love the tutu and undies images the most.
  • Once you have your "difficult" persons outfit finalized, branch out from there by pulling different colors from your main outfit or adding coordinating colors to each person.  Patterns are ok, but you want to stay away from extremely busy patterns on multiple family members.  One person can wear a bold pattern, but the other members need to be more subtle with a solid, soft stripe or soft plaid.   Draw out different colors by accessorizing with a bright chunky necklace or scarf or pick a bold shirt and tame it down some with a fun jacket or sweater.  Layering is always a plus because you can quickly change your look from a fun, colorful image with your children to a more subdued, romantic image with your spouse.



  • logos – AVOID THEM.  Enough said.
  • I don’t recommend everyone being uniform by wearing jeans and a white shirt.  Have you ever gone into someone’s home, snooped viewed the photos on their walls and realized you have the exact same photo by a particular photography company that was popular in the 80’s??  Yeah, me too.  So, the trend that’s phasing out right now is everyone matching with the same color and looking very crisp and uniform and it’s moving to coordinating colors some of which are bold for a nice color pop.  I must say, I am loving this trend! 
  • Having said this, there is a time and place for uniformity.  I do recommend subtle and simple colors or even all white for clients to wear in a newborn session because it keeps the photo timeless and helps keep the focus on that precious baby and their squishiness in all his/her glory. 


Overall, I personally am a huge fan of lots of color so I always pick colors that stand out and are bright and fun for my kids, but there is so much beauty and magic in soft, subtle colors as well so it truly depends on your style.

Please feel free to take pictures of your outfits and send them to me!  I would love to help you plan your session so you achieve everything you envision.

Happy hunting Shopping!!!